7 reasons to turn UP your curiosity


Where do you start when you want to learn more about your leadership style? Wondering how you can become more aware of what works for you? 

The first place I see many leaders start is in understanding their strengths and limitations. It’s a natural perspective to take and a great place to start. Leaders working on, or high in self-awareness, make time to reflect. They want to know what their strengths are and use them to their advantage. They also want to appreciate where they need to grow so that they can prioritise their learning and development in these areas. 

Self-reflection is important and the simplest way to make it part of your leadership development is to TURN UP YOUR CURIOSITY. Effective leaders’ channel and use their curiosity to understand themselves and others better. In fact, they get curious about themselves: 

·         Curious about their strengths and what energises them 

·         Curious about their values and their sense of purpose  

·         Curious about their thought patterns and feelings 

·         And curious, about their weaknesses and how they may unconsciously act as their own saboteur. 

I love this quote from ALBERT EINSTEIN “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”.

How do your daily leadership practices support the achievement of your purpose?

CURIOUS LEADERS are curious about their work. They develop and test assumptions, theories and ideas. They encourage exploration and curiosity in individuals and in teams they work and collaborate with. 

These leaders see real, tangible benefits from their curiosity. CURIOSITY helps leaders: 

1.     To learn about and adapt to their environment quickly.

2.     To be more effective and responsive as changes happen. 

3.     To be clear in their decision making. 

4.     To be more creative and innovative.

5.     To be compassionate and empathetic. 

6.     To build stronger connections with others. 

7.     To have fun. 

And so, I’m curious, how can you turn UP your curiosity? 

What is one question you are itching to ask? 

What is something you would like to be more curious about?

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