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2 simple ways leaders use reflection

Reflection is a vital part of learning from experience. Great leaders consider situations from different perspectives and dedicate regular thinking time to deliberate their actions, thoughts, intentions, purpose and behaviour. 

Here are 2 simple ways leaders use reflection:

1.     Retrospective reflection - Leaders consider an issue in the (recent) past and focus on lessons learnt and/or improvements for next time. They consider questions such as; What would I do differently next time? Who could I talk to about this? What resources can I call on to support me? 

2. Prospective reflection - Leaders look

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Here's one way to get what you need out of every meeting you attend. . .

Ever walked out of a meeting thinking ‘what the’?

Could you sometimes be the one that creates that response in yourself or others?  

What can you do to make meetings you attend more effective for you? Here’s my #1 tip, and it's guaranteed to improve the quality of any meeting you attend every single time - be clear on your purpose before you walk into the meeting.  I've learnt (the hard way) that whenever I am not clear on my own purpose for a meeting

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