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Aggie Aitken

Aggie has a passion for coaching leaders during times of personal growth and business change. She is skilled in enhancing capabilities, strengthening confidence and generating opportunities for creative thinking.

Aggie also has a personal interest in developing women in leadership roles and helping emerging leaders and entrepreneurs find their feet.

Her experience includes building the capability of managers and leaders, coaching leaders and teams through complex change and consulting on program and strategic objectives. She holds qualifications in business and coaching, is a certified trainer and an accredited DISC and Genos EI facilitator and coach.

Aggie works with a diverse range of clients including leaders, teams and organisations in finance, service industries, higher education, marketing, property, government and not for profit.

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"Aggie has helped me to understand the type of leader I want to be."

"Aggie’s coaching style and techniques bring out the strengths of the individual."

"Aggie helped me become clearer about my priorities and what they mean to me."

"Working with Aggie is highly empowering."

"Aggie was able to ask the right questions to get me thinking in a different way."


Richard Duerden - Client Director at Diadem.

Aggie has been a trusted advisor and facilitator of change management for Diadem for several years now, and has always designed and delivered exceptional programmes and results.                        Most recently, Aggie has been running multiple DISC workshops across the business, from which the team feedback has been amazing and transformational.
Aggie’s "human" approach and collaborative manner created an instant "ease" in the room, in what can be a confronting and emotional experience.
I would highly recommend using Aggie for any team development requirements, you won't be disappointed.

Jessica Slade - Team Leader at Energy Australia
I have been working in IT for nearly 10 years now so I am still at the early stages of my career. Having Aggie as my leadership and career coach for almost a year now has allowed me to understand the type of leader I want to be and has given me clarity around my long term career goals. I went into the coaching sessions not knowing what to expect but I can confidently say that I have grown as a leader both inside and outside of the workplace as a result of working with Aggie.
Aggie's coaching style suited me because she would listen first to what I wanted to say and then would adapt the session accordingly. In doing so, Aggie was able to ask the right questions to get me thinking in a different way and therefore understand my career aspirations. Aggie also provided various frameworks and models to give me more clarity around my values and what motivates me as an individual which has been beneficial for me both personally and professionally. She is well prepared and always ensures that I feel comfortable each session which is a great testament to her character. I am looking forward to working more with Aggie and 2insight in the future and would most definitely recommend her services.

Gavin Naidoo - Customer Operations Director at Mimecast
I recently had the pleasure of Aggie facilitating a session for us on DISC.  I really enjoyed Aggie's style of presenting, her understanding of the team and getting the message across was on point. She managed the time, content, team dynamics and material to perfection.

Eoin Gamble - Service Management Leader at Energy Australia
I’ve been working with Aggie for over a year now, originally as the pupil and now as the client. The benefits to the organisation have been exceptional. Aggie’s coaching style and techniques bring out the strengths of the individual and guide you through reaching whatever goals you set as part of your plans. That’s one thing I like about Aggie and her organisation. They set the objectives upfront, work to deliver the outcomes but still have the ability to modify the requirement if and when the need is there. I have two staff going through this programme at present and they are strongly (and rapidly) developing their leadership skills as they look to progress the skill set and improve in their personal development.
From my own perspective I utilised Aggie’s services to fine tune my ability to reach strategic outcomes. I would often be left dealing with the day to day and lose sight of the end goal. 2insight has the experience and the corporate capability that allowed me to successfully refocus and implement continuous improvement into my yearly plans.

Kate, Development Manager, Business Products
Aggie was my coach during a period at work when I had stepped up to take on additional responsibility leading a team on an ambiguous project with tight timeframes. I was being stretched to work outside my natural preference and Aggie helped me identify the sources of my stress as well as strategies to deal with the pressure. Aggie also helped me understand and better navigate the politics of a large corporate organisation. I continue to use these strategies and am able to better manage myself and my team. I would highly recommend Aggie as a coach as she is an excellent listener and made me feel comfortable to open up. Aggie used techniques that helped me take back control, identify the root cause and strategies to succeed.

Nicola, Department Manager, Disability Services Industry
I would recommend Aggie as a coach without hesitation. I found working with Aggie highly empowering. She is very talented and experienced in her craft, and I felt immediate tangible improvements in my capability in my role. 
Aggie's experience in executive roles and as a coach mean that she was able to draw out knowledge and understanding that I was not aware I already had. The outcome of this is an ongoing ability to problem solve day to day issues and greater confidence in tackling more challenging strategic. I developed confidence in my ability to communicate my thoughts and ideas effectively in order to achieve advancement in strategic areas I had previously struggled to progress. 

Rolf, Coordinator of Volunteers, Non Profit
I highly recommend Aggie for coaching.  She easily identifies strengths and weakness and provides constructive advice.  During my sessions, she developed existing skills of mine and taught me some new skills and strategies that I still use today.  She has a well-developed ability to make a person relax and gained my trust quickly.  Her active listening skills allowed her to gain an understanding into my unique situation and provide information and advice that is relevant and effective.  Her insights into one on one coaching and effective team building have been invaluable to me.  Since my coaching with Aggie, I have more trust in my own judgment and more confidence in my ability to lead.