Live by the motto "lead yourself"

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A lot has been written about leading with purpose. For example, I often refer to, SIMON SINEK'S books and theories as they illustrate that when leaders share the meaning and the ‘why’ behind a decision or course of action, others are more inspired and motivated to follow.


In my work with leaders I can see that leaders know its good practise to spend time defining their purpose, personally and professionally. But more than just defining their purpose, I also see that leaders who are clear in their purpose are disciplined about how they work daily to achieve it. They know that purpose is not something you set and forget.


Successful leaders, clear in their purpose, are mindful of how they work. They know that what they do, what they say, and what they focus on must always move them, their team and their organisation towards what they are striving to achieve.


And so, leaders who are clear in their purpose are self-disciplined. They live by the motto ‘lead yourself’. They are mindful of how they work: 

1.     They prepare for meetings so that they go in knowing what they want to accomplish and what they want to say.

 2.     They think about how to handle difficult conversations and difficult situations so that they can stay on track and so that they are prepared for compromise when required.

 3.     They find people to freely discuss issues with so that their views are well-rounded, and their plans are robust. 

4.     And, they model the behaviours they want to see in their teams and organisations.

 In what ways do you 'lead yourself'

How do your daily leadership practices support the achievement of your purpose?

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