8 ways to explore your leadership DNA

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No one else has the same way of dealing with things, getting them done or managing others. Your strengths are unique to you. Your beliefs and experiences are unique to you. Your leadership DNA is unique to you. 

Leaders that understand their leadership DNA are confident stepping into their authentic leadership style. They leverage their uniqueness by:

·         Developing their awareness, 

·         Being clear in their purpose, and, 

·         Exercising resourcefulness. 

Leaders who focus on DEVELOPING THEIR AWARENESS are constantly growing. They see being authentic as a developmental state. They do not have a static view of themselves and this enables them to grow and progress through their roles. Their authentic leadership style evolves as they learn and grow from their experiences. 

Leaders who focus on BEING CLEAR IN THEIR PURPOSE are self-disciplined about leading themselves. They see being authentic as being mindful of how they work. They do not get distracted or depleted by aimless agendas and this ensures they maintain their focus, meet expectations and follow through. Their authentic leadership style creates sustainable long-term results. 

Leaders who EXERCISE RESOURCEFULNESS are adaptive and resilient. They see being authentic as flexing their style to suit the situation or need. They do not shy away from asking for help when they know they need it. Their authentic leadership style harnesses their available resources and experience wisely. 

Below are some tips for exploring your leadership DNA: 

1.    Get to know yourself. 

2.    Spend time nurturing personal relationships with others. 

3.    Be curious and ask questions to learn more.

 4.    Seek feedback and input from others. 

5.    Be mindful of how you work, and make time for yourself. 

6.    Ask for support or help when you need it. 

7.    Reflect and learn from setbacks and challenges. 

8.    Model all behaviours you want to see in others, including planning, reflection, delivery, leadership and followership. 

How does your leadership DNA set you apart? 

What can you do to learn more about your leadership DNA?

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